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January 18, 2021

Article: Does the use of trademark as ‘keywords’ amount to trademark infringement?

Author: Sunidhi Bansal

Introduction: In the Internet era, it is usual to browse through search engines to look for particular goods and services. The term ‘keyword advertising’ has…

Articles & Reviews

January 6, 2021

Article: Can Domain Names with Common and Descriptive Words be Protected as Trademarks?

Author: Aditi Roy Chowdhury

Introduction It is often seen that domain names made up of common and descriptive words are the most sought after and hence most valuable. According…

Articles & Reviews

January 2, 2021

Article: Is a Single Colour Mark Registrable?

Author: Hardik Choudhary

Introduction Colour marks fall in the non-conventional category of trademarks and are capable of being granted protection in India. Within colour marks, the registrability of…

Articles & Reviews

December 30, 2020

Article: Whether Parallel Import Of A Literary Work Is Permitted Under The Copyright Act?

Author: Siddharth Varshney

Introduction ‘Parallel imports’ mean imports of genuine goods from one market into another market without authorization from the proprietor of the intellectual property. Legality of…

Articles & Reviews

December 28, 2020

Article: Are Trade Secrets Protected Under the Contract Act?

Author: Shreya Das

Introduction Trade secrets are a competitive advantage of any business. The commercial value of trade secrets remains as long as confidentiality is maintained. Trade secrets…

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