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March 7, 2024

ALG’s Book Club Session Discusses ‘The Blue Between Sky And Water’

ALG’s Book Club session, the first of this year, was a heart-warming discussion on the themes of community, bravado, resilience and faith. Members enjoyed Susan Abulhawa’s storytelling craft through the ebbs and flows of darkness and hope in ‘The Blue Between Sky and Water’. There were several sentences and passages that depicted Susan’s literary prowess and strung our hearts, here are some of the favorites that emerged.

Anurathna Mathivanan – “All us wounded women make a career of trying to put other people back together.”

Samreen Iboo Sait – “Hope is not a topic. It’s not a theory. It’s a talent.”

Abhilasha Rathore – “stories matter. We are composed of our stories. The human heart is made of the words we put in it.

Rajnish Kumar – “War changed people. It created cowardice and bravery and produced legends.”

Shreyak Patnaik – “True darkness such as this was unattainable, for it was not merely the absence of light, but the presence of something unseeable filling every crevice of life. Not even the moon nor the brightest stars could light more than their own periphery in this blackness.”

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