ALG is an equal opportunity firm, employer and place of internship. We actively seek, promote and possess diversity within our ranks and our programs, taking affirmative action when required for anyone who is disadvantaged for any reason yet deserving to be given the opportunity to prove ability, merit and competence. We are always scouting for talented individuals to come work with us.

You may use the web-forms provided on this page to apply for the following:

– PLACEMENT for Attorney positions. Advocates having Certificate of Enrolment / Practice in India, or law students graduating in next 12 months with law degree accredited by Bar Council of India are eligible to apply.

– INTERNSHIP with law practice of the firm. Students pursuing full time law degree program are eligible to apply.

– JOB for non-Attorney positions. Graduates not having or pursuing a law degree are eligible to apply.

An application must be filled-in directly by the candidate.

At ALG, we have, designed, and installed our procedures in a certain way that vests capacity, initiative and control over the Placement / Internship applications with the individual candidates themselves.  We accept Placement / Internship applications only if received directly from law students / alumni through the Webform available at this website. Applications sent in through any other mode are not entertained. We are unable to process or entertain Placement / Internship applications, profiles or resumés collated and sent by law schools or by placement agencies or by recruitment companies or by other third parties. We do not bypass the application process provided here for any intermediation processes such as campus visits, onsite placements etc.  by any university / law school, placement agencies, or recruitment companies. We may, however, mark our email communications to the concerned university / law school for verification of academic credentials or recordal of acceptance, etc.

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