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October 10, 2017

Digital Access Services (DAS) of Indian Patent Data enabled

Controller General of Patents, India, and Director General of WIPO signed Cooperation Agreement on 5th October 2017 to facilitate the electronic exchange of data and documents including priority documents, search and examination reports and other related information between Indian Patent Office (IPO) and WIPO through WIPO CASE and WIPO Digital Access Services (DAS). As per the IPO, this Agreement covers cooperative activities for the improvement of IP business services, including projects for digitalization, data capture, data quality improvement, data exchange for dissemination of IP information, document management, online search and any related systems or modules and creation of national and/or regional IP databases. This is likely to benefit not only the Applicants filing PCT Applications claiming priority from Indian Patent applications, but also the Examiners at the IPO and WIPO handling such applications. Further, the Agreement also facilitates India to become a depositing office for WIPO CASE, thus enabling WIPO to make available the search and examination reports of Indian Patent applications.

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