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October 26, 2023

Discussion On “Non-conventional Trade Marks In India – Filing And Examination.

Samreen Iboo Sait (Senior Associate) led a workshop on “Non-conventional trade marks in India – Filing and Examination”. The session explored the various non-conventional marks that have been filed or registered by the Indian Trade Marks Registry. The members deliberated on the development and expansion of scope of “non-conventional” trademarks in India. The members discussed the developing acceptance of non-conventional marks by the Registry and the various objections that could arise against an application for a smell mark, taste mark, texture mark and various other non-conventional marks. The members also deliberated upon the practical challenges of filing applications, overcoming objections and enforcement of non-conventional marks. The session concluded with Mr. R A TIWARI sharing his expertise on what elements are essential to allow registration of any non-conventional marks.

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