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November 5, 2018

Billing Policy

ALG does not adopt, have or implement any differential billing rate, treatment or fee schedule for and amongst its clients, whether domestic or foreign, or between any such or other categories, either on a on a case by case basis or on any such categorization basis. ALG does, however, provide differently customized client-tailored suite of its IP legal representational services for each of its clients resulting in naturally different costs to different clients for what might otherwise superficially appear similar engagements but would be only apparently similar engagements. ALG works closely with each of its clients to understand that client’s needs and requirements to adapt its billing structure, format and arrangement itself for a more conducive mutual fit. ALG does provide special discounts to its clients but this is on the basis of long-standing relationships reflecting sustained and deep engagement and commitment. It provides these automatically and only in accordance with its internal policies, not on request, demand, discretion or ad-hocism. ALG also provides but only in accordance with its internal policy in force at any given time, what are in the nature of bulk discounts for several simultaneous similar or related instructions or engagements. Actually, these reflect value based reductions given the nature of the instructions and engagements as a package. ALG’s billing arrangements for any engagement are predicted on an attorney-client relationship. ALG is a lawfirm and it provides only legal IP representational services; it does not provide non-legal IP business services or non-legal IP liaison services. ALG’s billing is for this reason incapable of being disaggregated in any part into either of these two types of services that ALG does not provide. ALG does not have any generally applicable fee schedules for any generic or pre-defined activities, services, tasks or engagements because ALG does not provide such modular or otherwise template based services.

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