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December 1, 2017

Conflict of Interest Policy

We observe all applicable Bar Council rules and norms in conflict of interest matters. Between practice areas, we do not perceive automatic or deemed conflict of interest. We do not perceive automatic or deemed conflict of interest with closed files unless there is a subject matter overlap. We check for the conflict of interest specifically on a file as against our other existing and live files, and not on a client as against existing client basis, viz. the conflict of interest is strictly on the subject matter against subject matter basis. In case of potential or possibility of being conflicted in the future, however, we seek and take consent from the existing client if we want to take up a file. Our conflict of interest norms are stricter than the minimum standards of the Bar.

We disclose names/identities of our existing clients (but not of their files, nor of the contents of their files nor of any information about them that is or can be expected to be confidential for business/legal purposes) when other clients or potential clients seek us to disclose representative client names/lists etc. If any potential or existing client informs us to except them from this practice, we oblige and refrain from doing so in their regard.

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