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December 1, 2017

Firm Management Policy

The private/personal activities of individual lawyers of the firm (such as, but not limited to, writing and publishing in journals and publications, blogs, and expressing views in the public domain, in print and online media, taking membership of organizations and groups in a private capacity, political activities, membership of political parties, contesting elections and other electoral activities, etc.) are not reflective of the firm, nor does the firm support, endorse or identify with any of them.

ALG attorneys practice only in teams viz. accept appointment as advocates-cum-agents on any file/mandate only jointly in practice-groups of at least two ALG attorneys. At ALG, Advocates and IP Agents also participate and share in and contribute towards discharging certain ancillary and support functions in addition to their primary professional responsibilities as lawyers and IP Agents, and this also they do as part of teams and not as individuals. Management functions such as client-relations generally, as well as on any specific file, previous client relations, potential client relations, billing, expenditure, accounts, infrastructure and office management etc. are all thus discharged by such teams. ALG attorneys are not permitted to engage in any sole or individual practice, not even in an outside-ALG or private capacity.

There is functional specialization in ALG in addition to specializations in Areas of Focus and Areas of Practice. In her/his professional work as an Advocates and/or an IP Agent, each individual at ALG specializes, as part of a team, in certain allocated core functions on any client file and discharges only that core function on any client file, instead of handling a client file in all respects or/and from file opening to file closing.

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