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December 7, 2020

Pro Bono

We at ALG take seriously our commitment to serving and uplifting our communities. To these ends, we strive to fulfil our professional and ethical responsibilities by providing free legal services appropriately to indigent or otherwise needy individuals and organisations; briefs and cases.

The firm expects each ALG lawyer, regardless of designation, to devote a portion of her/his time and energies to providing pro bono legal services (for free or at reduced charge). The firm strongly encourages all ALG lawyers to seek and maintain active empanelment with local and regional Legal Aid Committees, to seek and take up legal cases and matters both in court and outside court, at appropriately discounted if not altogether waived professional fees. All ALG lawyers are strongly encouraged to discharge their duty to the bar, profession and society by doing so and they are not restricted to only intellectual property law cases and matters in this regard.

Each ALG lawyer’s record of pro bono legal work is considered an important factor in that lawyer’s evaluation and taken into consideration for advancement decisions at the firm.

ALG provides the same quality of professional representation and legal service, regardless of an accepted client’s ability to pay. Pro bono matters of ALG lawyers are treated as that of the firm and no differently than regular billable matters, being accorded the same attention, dedication and resources.

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