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December 24, 2023

Legal Issues Seminar-General IP (LIS-GIP) On ‘Can An Arbitrator Conduct Independent Research In INDRP Proceedings?’

Featuring: Arundathi Krishnadas

A ‘Legal Issues Seminar – General IP’ (LIS-GIP) was conducted by Arundathi Krishnadas, Associate, on “Can an Arbitrator Conduct Independent Research in INDRP Proceedings?”. The seminar delved into the competency of an arbitrator to conduct and rely on independent research-based findings in rendering decisions in INDRP proceedings. The seminar also discussed the extent to which Courts have permitted such independent research by an Arbitrator. The seminar drew a parallel between “limited independent research” permitted in UDRP proceedings and highlighted the lack of precedents to determine such a limit in INDRP proceedings. The session concluded with a discussion on the importance of the exercise of the principle of fair opportunity by an arbitrator in context of conducting independent research while rendering an arbitral award.

The presentation can be accessed here.

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