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January 12, 2021

Legal Issues Seminar (LIS) on ‘Ex-Post Facto Environmental Clearances’

A ‘Legal Issues Seminar’ was conducted by Nayantara Malhotra, Associate, on Legal Issues in Grant of Ex-Post Facto Environmental Clearances. The seminar touched upon the precautionary principle in Environmental Law, and the exceptional circumstances where ex-post facto clearances have previously been allowed by Courts. It further shed light on the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification, 2020, and its implications on ex-post facto clearances.

The session sparked interesting discussion and questions on the evolution of the practice of ex-post facto clearances, modern-day instances of adverse impacts resulting from such clearances, implications of the Notification on the public consultation procedure, balancing the goals of environment protection and economic growth, etc.   The presentation can be accessed here.

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