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December 22, 2020

Legal Issues Seminar on Protection and Enforcement of Domain Names under the INDRP

A ‘Legal Issues Seminar’ was conducted by Aditi Roy Chowdhury, Associate, on Protection and Enforcement of Domain Names under IN Dispute Resolution Policy (INDRP). The seminar discussed the scope, grounds of complaint, available remedies and gaps in the INDRP with the help of relevant case laws. It also provided insights on the recent amendments in the INDRP and INDRP Rules of Procedure.

The engaging session invited interesting questions from the team on confiscation of domain names, evidentiary requirements for initiating complaints based on the ground of ‘bad faith’, use of domain name registrations in claiming prior use for trademark applications and the effect (if any) of privacy protection shields in lodging a complaint, etc. The presentation can be accessed here.

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