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May 11, 2022

Legal Issues Seminar-Patents (LIS-PAT) On “Is The Appointment Of Hearings Necessary For The Determination Of Pre-Grant Opposition Proceedings For Patents?”

Featuring: Harshit Parasher

A ‘Legal Issues Seminar-Patents’ (LIS-Patents) was conducted by Harshit Parasher, Associate, on “Is the Appointment of Hearings Necessary for the Determination of Pre-Grant Opposition Proceedings for Patents?”. The seminar delved into the relevant statutory provisions of the Patents Act, 1970 and Patents Rules, 2003. The session further explored the interpretation of the terms used in the statutory provisions in light of relevant judicial decisions. The session concluded with an interesting discussion on due intimation of appointed hearings to all concerned parties and the nature of the impact of the current practice on the interested parties to these oppositions.

The presentation can be accessed here.

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