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March 20, 2024

Practice Work Shop (PWS) On “Does Protecting AI Artwork That Emulates The Style Of Artists Generate Art Literacy?”

Featuring: Anurathna Mathivanan

During last week’s PWS Session, Anurathna Mathivanan, Associate, led a discussion on “Does protecting AI artwork that emulates the style of artists generate art literacy?”. The session led with a discussion on the growing prowess of generative AI technologies that emulates the styles of various iconic and prominent artists to generate new works of art. The members discussed whether AI technology offers newer and greater accessibility of art to the public and if so, whether there are ethical qualifiers that need to be met for consumption of AI technology and such works. The members deliberated on whether works generated by AI have social value to be capable of being protected under the intellectual property regime, and if AI works that emulate techniques and styles of artists render the AI works incapable of ingenuity and copyright. The members also delved into personhood theory and whether consciousness is a facet of determination of originality of work. The members were able to arrive on a consensus that at the current scenario, while AI works may have social value in art education, AI technologies may have the ability to thrive in IP ‘negative spaces’ in a robust manner.

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