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November 20, 2023

Practice Work Shop (PWS) On “Whether Allowing GI Protection Of Religious Offerings Can Be Detrimental To Public Interest?”

Featuring: Uroosa Shahzad

During last week’s PWS Session, Uroosa Shahzad, Trainee Associate, led a discussion on “Whether allowing GI protection of religious offerings can be detrimental to public interest?” The session led with a discussion on whether religious offerings are sufficiently unique to warrant protection under IP laws. The members discussed the various impacts of protection of religious offerings as Geographical Indication such as the possibility of monopolization by institutions. The members also discussed the perspective of the GI Registry in granting the protection to religious offerings and whether such offerings would even warrant protection against counterfeiting. The members also explored the effectiveness of different IP protections such as trademarks for protection of religious offerings over GI protection.

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