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November 28, 2022

Practice Work Shop (PWS) On “Whether Granting Monopoly Over Architectural Structures Curbs Artistic Freedom?”

Featuring: Anurathna Mathivanan

During last week’s PWS Session, Anurathna Mathivanan, Trainee Associate, led a discussion on “Whether granting monopoly over architectural structures curbs artistic freedom?”. The session led with a discussion on whether architectural facades have an independent commercial value and the extent to which they can be monopolized. The discussion delved into the value and influence these iconic structures have over the public and whether monopolization of any of their aesthetic elements would restrain and create hurdles for artists.

The members also debated on whether there is an inherent value to an iconic building or its aesthetic elements and if it can be identified by a set criteria. The session concluded with possible strategies on how to strike a balance between rights and interests of owners of commercial structures and interested creators.

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