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December 25, 2023

Practice Work Shop (PWS) On “Whether Granting Trademark Protection To Architectural Designs/Images Of Heritage Buildings Align With The Larger Public Interest”

Featuring: Malveka Nautiyal

During last week’s PWS Session, Malveka Nautiyal, Trainee Associate, led a discussion on “Whether Granting Trademark Protection to Architectural Designs of Heritage Buildings Aligns with the Larger Public Interest?” The session started with a discussion on the feasibility of trademark protection in relation to architectural designs and images of heritage buildings. The members discussed the proposition from the perspective of publicis juris i.e. the public’s right of access to heritage buildings, and to what extent those rights would be impeded if trademark protection were to be granted to images of heritage buildings. The members explored the contours of private versus public rights against the backdrop of heritage buildings and IP protection using examples from across the world, weighing in questions of jurisdiction, scope of protection, and advantages thereof.

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