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September 15, 2022

Sheja Ehtesham Attending 36th MARQUES Annual Conference, 2022

Featuring: Sheja Ehtesham

ALG’s Sheja Ehtesham will be attending the 36th MARQUES Annual Conference in Madrid, Spain next week from September 20-23. This year’s in-person conference will see…

Events & Participations

September 14, 2022

ALG’s Book & Movie Club Discusses ‘Wild Tales’ Directed By Damián Szifron

Recently, ALG’s cinephiles came together in person and virtually, to discuss Damián Szifron’s thriller-comedy drama ‘Wild Tales’. The members discussed the emotions experienced by the…

Events & Participations

September 9, 2022

Ashwani Balayan Is Attending IPO Annual Meeting 2022

Featuring: Ashwani Balayan

ALG Partner Ashwani Balayan will be attending the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) Annual Meeting 2022 in Los Angeles from September 17-20. A long-standing IPO…

Events & Participations

September 7, 2022

Legal Issues Seminar-General IP (LIS-GIP) On “Can Trade Secrets Be Protected By Confidentiality Clubs?”

Featuring: Shubham Singh

A ‘Legal Issues Seminar – General IP’ (LIS-GIP) was conducted by Shubham Singh, Trainee Associate, on “Can Trade Secrets Be Protected By Confidentiality Clubs?”. The…

Events & Participations

September 5, 2022

Practice Work Shop (PWS) On “Does Keyword Advertising Result Into Piggybacking On Other Brands?”

Featuring: Tanisha Agarwal

During last week’s Practice Work Shop (PWS) Session, Tanisha Agarwal, Associate, led a discussion on “Does Keyword Advertising Result into Piggybacking on other Brands?” The…

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