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January 22, 2024

Practice Work Shop (PWS) On “Should Public IP Commons Be Created And Funded By Public Taxes?”

Featuring: Yash Raj

During last week’s PWS Session, Yash Raj, Associate, led a discussion on “Should Public IP Commons be created and funded by public taxes?” The session…

Events & Participations

January 12, 2024

Legal Issues Seminar-General IP (LIS-GIP) On ‘Whether Use Of Trade Mark As A Keyword By An Intermediary Would Amount To Trademark Infringement?’

Featuring: Devesh Kapoor

A ‘Legal Issues Seminar – General IP’ (LIS-GIP) was conducted by Devesh Kapoor, Associate, on ‘Whether Use of Trademark as a keyword by an Intermediary…

Events & Participations

January 6, 2024

New General IP Interns For January 2024

Interns – Manish Kumar, Pankti Mishra, Anchal Raghuwanshi, Vibhuti Bhatt and Gautami Chakravarty have commenced their General IP Internship with the firm’s law practice. We…

Court-Case Bulletins

January 4, 2024

Court Case Bulletin (CCB): Rectification Petition Can Be Filed In Any High Court Within Whose Jurisdiction The Dynamic Effect Of The Registration Is Experienced

Author: Former Intern - Naman Keswani

In the matter of Dr. Reddy Laboratories Limited v. Fast Cure Pharma & Anr. [C.O.(COMM.IPD-TM) 8/2023], Single Judge [C. Hari Shankar, J.] of the High…

Events & Participations

January 1, 2024

Legal Issues Seminar-General IP (LIS-GIP) On ‘Whether High Courts Can Proceed With Rectification Proceedings Without Staying The Initial Infringement Suit?’

Featuring: Shreyak Patnaik

A ‘Legal Issues Seminar – General IP’ (LIS-GIP) was conducted by Shreyak Patnaik, Associate, on ‘Whether High Courts Can Proceed with Rectification Proceedings without Staying…

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