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October 13, 2020

WIPO launches database of judicial decisions from across member states

Reported By: Krithika Muthuraman

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), on September 24, 2020 launched WIPO Lex – Judgements, an addition to its existing searchable database of national legislations and international treaties in the field of intellectual property. The database hosts key judicial decisions having significant impact or precedential value, which are selected directly by courts or national authorities of the respective member states. The database, which currently hosts judicial decisions from 10 member states, was launched in view of the common challenges faced by courts across jurisdictions.

The database can be accessed free of charge here: https://wipolex.wipo.int/en/main/judgments

Source: https://www.wipo.int/pressroom/en/articles/2020/article_0022.html

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