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September 9, 2022

Ashwani Balayan Is Attending IPO Annual Meeting 2022

Featuring: Ashwani Balayan

ALG Partner Ashwani Balayan will be attending the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) Annual Meeting 2022 in Los Angeles from September 17-20. A long-standing IPO member, Ashwani serves as Co-Vice Chair of the Asian Practice Committee of IPO, and Chairs the India Sub-Committee. Ashwani will also be representing IPO in the 32nd NGO Coordination Meeting which will be held on Sep 10 during AIPPI in San Francisco.

This year IPO is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. The Annual Meeting will see a range of high-level educational programs on issues covering trade secrets, AI related inventions, best practices & trends in IP, designs & trade-dress, IP in metaverse, diversity in innovation,IP in GUIs & software design, ethics in IP, etc.

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