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February 15, 2023

Legal Issues Seminar-General IP (LIS-GIP) On “Does Enforcement Of Negative Covenants In A Licensing Agreement Amount To Restraint Of Trade?”

Featuring: Sucharitha Banda

A ‘Legal Issues Seminar- General IP’ (LIS-GIP) was conducted by Sucharitha Banda, Trainee Associate, on “Does Enforcement of Negative Covenants in a Licensing Agreement Amount to Restraint of Trade?”. The seminar delved into the relevant provisions under The Indian Contract Act, 1872, which mandates any negative covenant in an agreement, which restrains trade, to be deemed void. The seminar analysed the relevant case laws that have laid down the development in the application of the statutory provision. The session concluded with an interesting discussion on how different kinds of negative covenants can be enforceable owing to the relaxed application of the statutory provision by Courts.

The presentation can be accessed here.

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