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October 27, 2022

POSH Training sessions conducted by Samreen Iboo Sait for the members of ALG

Featuring: Samreen Iboo Sait

At ALG, we believe that creating a safer workplace begins with open discourse for all the members of the firm to reach out and ask queries, share thoughts, raise concerns, and listen to each other. Recently, ALG’s Samreen Iboo Sait (Senior Associate, PoSH Trainer and Coordinator of the Diversity & Inclusion Section at ALG) conducted training on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace. The two-day training session was attended by the Attorneys and the Administrative Staff of the firm. The training began with understanding what could be sexual harassment and the effect of our biases on such behavior. The session was a process of learning and unlearning through activities and games. The members also discussed the nuances of ALG’s gender-neutral harassment policy and shared their diverse thoughts, experiences and suggestions to make work places safer and more inclusive.

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