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October 26, 2021

Practice Work Shop (PWS) On “Do Fluid Trademarks Increase Brand Value/Consumer Engagement Or Dilute The Original Mark?”

Featuring: Aishwarya Pande

During last week’s Practice Work Shop (PWS) Session, Aishwarya Pande, Associate, lead a discussion on whether use of fluid marks increases brand/consumer engagement or dilutes the original mark. The session witnessed an engaging discussion on the reasons behind the increasing use of fluid marks as a popular marketing tactic, especially in the post-pandemic world. The discussion then progressed to analyse the economic, societal as well as legal aspects revolving around use of fluid trademarks, in particular, the dilution of the underlying mark on account of repeated changes/variations. The session also delved into whether use of fluid marks would be an advisable marketing strategy for relatively newer brands/companies.

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