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September 28, 2021

Special Legal Issues Seminar- General IP’ (SLIS-GP) On ‘CPC Order VII Rule 11 – Dismissal-in-limine Of Different Types Of IP Law Suits’

Featuring: Samreen Iboo Sait

A ‘Special Legal Issues Seminar- General IP’ (SLIS-GP) was conducted by Samreen Iboo Sait, Associate, on the dismissal-in-limine of different types of IP lawsuits under Order VII Rule 11 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. The seminar delved into the application of Order VII and Rule 11 to rejection of plaints and the relevant provisions thereunder. The seminar also looked into various case laws, including the recent case of Dahiben v. Arvindbhai Kalyanji Bhanusali, [(2020) 7 SCC 366] in which the Apex Court elaborately analyzed the provisions under this Order. The session concluded with an insightful discussion on what would constitute an ideal stage for rejection of a plaint in a lawsuit.

The presentation can be accessed here.

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