Trade Secrets & Confidential Information,  IT & Data Privacy, Cyberlaw & E-Commerce, Royalty, Licensing & Franchising

We advise our clients with respect to the suitability and sufficiency of company policies, guidelines and infrastructure in protecting the company’s trade secrets and confidential information.

We also advise and assist clients in identifying and marking trade secrets and confidential information, alerting the accesses of information about the nature of the information and the steps to be taken for protection of such information.

As part of our enforcement strategy, we regularly advise our clients to employ preventive and deterrent measures such as signing of non-disclosure agreements by visitors, conducting exit interviews, non-competition clauses in employment agreements, grant-back of intellectual property, monitoring the flow of information and data from company, etc.

We represent and assist our clients in handling cases pertaining to unauthorized loss of trade secrets and confidential information, espionage, misappropriation of confidential information, breach of confidence, theft, misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, unlawful gains, unauthorized access, conspiracy, unfair trade and anti-competitive practices, etc.

We represent and assist our clients in taking strict court litigation actions against unauthorized loss of trade secrets and confidential information, which includes filing lawsuits for civil as well as criminal remedies, obtaining injunctions, etc.

We also assist our clients in preparing, drafting, reviewing and revising Confidentiality Agreements, Employment Contracts, Non-competition Agreements, Non-disclosure agreements, internal policies, semi-exclusive license, collaborative Research & Development agreements, etc.

We advise and assist clients in due diligence reports, intellectual asset management, governmental policies under competition law, contractual limitations, unfair competition, reverse engineering, etc.

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