Industrial Designs, Protected Shapes & Features, Representations & Layouts, Product Liability, IC Layout Designs

We conduct searches and provide clearance opinions with respect to availability of industrial designs for use as well as registration based on the Design Office database search results, online investigations, market enquiries and surveys.

We assist clients in preparing representations for two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional designs, embedded designs, article-sets, etc. and in drafting novelty statements and disclaimers for the purpose of obtaining registration.

We assist clients in filing design applications (including reciprocity applications), preparing response to office actions, attending hearings, obtaining registrations, renewals and maintenance of design portfolios, etc.

We represent our clients in contentious matters involving industrial designs before the Designs office including cancellation actions, rectifications, etc.

We also represent our clients in lawsuits before different courts in matters pertaining to infringement and piracy of industrial designs as well as before High Court in matters under appeal against Controller’s orders related to registration, cancelation and rectification of designs.

We provide counselling to the clients in relation to aesthetic features and points of novelty of designs and their registrability under the Designs Act (as against and/or in addition to or combination with registration under the Copyrights Act and Trademarks Act) and appropriate classification for registration.

We advise and assist clients on transactional activities such as commercialization of designs, drafting and reviewing assignment and licensing agreements, evaluation and payment of stamp duty, etc.

We assist clients in obtaining registration for Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Layout Designs

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